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Sep 5, 2014

⏪ 回到我刚认识你的时候 I still remember the first day I met you and the first photo how I ask you to take with me. 😝 unfortunately, we did not took photo on the day I ask you out for movie and that was the day I told you iloveyou. 🙈 and slowly 070514 start. 💋 our first date we went out after we get together. 👪The day we told each other we want to meet each other 💏and make promises together ☺️. The day I first met your whole family 👨👩👧👦. The day we went to celebrate my mom and friend’s birthday. The day you fall sick and I take care of you and after you recover I fall sick and you take care of me. 😍😘😷the day we went sentosa for a night walk and sing songs tgt. The day we went to sentosa picnic although you were very sick. 😷😢 those days we start to face problems together 😄😘and the day we start our first quarrel 😔😤and know how much we love each other 😚😚. The day we realize the big mehmeh 🐑😍and bought it. The day we celebrate our first month 😍, second month 😘, third month😚 & finally 2 more days and come to our fourth month. 💗 all those days I spend with you are all sweet memories. 😍😍😍I want to continue to create sweet memories with you. 💘💖there’s many memories we create. 💕I know you are busy right now 😔. I want to give you a surprise when your phone got batt. 😄😍💖Hehe. See you tmr love. 🙆Imissyousomuch and Iloveyousomuch. ❤️ #throwback I was scrolling my camera roll while waiting for your whatsapp and saw all the photos we took. So memorable. ☺️☺️☺ and definitely I will remember our first kiss. 😚😂🙈 @joosoonx


from my instagram!! @vxsn
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from my instagram!! @vxsn

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